About Gardel Engineering

At Gardel Engineering we strive for dedication in achieving high quality solutions in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Founded in 2011 and with over 30 years of experience we continue to grow and respond to each new challenge presented to us with creative enthusiasm and confidence in our Technological expertise.

We take pride to deliver satisfactory work to our clients. Our success is reflected on the fact that most of our clients are returning clients that value our commitment to our profession.


441 S. 48th St. Suite 101, Tempe, AZ 85281 | map

Ph: 480-361-3667


David Garcia
Email: david@gardelengineering.com
Ph: Office: 480-361-3667 Mobile: 480-217-5853

Andrew Allen
CAD Operator
Email: andrew@gardelengineering.com
Ph: Office: 480-361-3667 Mobile: 480-521-4842

Israel Fortis
Mechanical Engineer/ Project Manager
Email: israel@gardelengineering.com
Ph: Office: 480-361-3667 Mobile: 480-271-4746

Jonathan MacInnis
CAD Operator
Email: jmacinnis@gardelengineering.com

Bradlie Pond
Sr. Electronics Engineer
Email: bpond@gardelengineering.com

Our extensive experience and strong company emphasis on creative problem solving enables our company to accept design challenges across multiple fields.